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  • Ceperley, Peter (, 2019-07-09)
    This paper explores one interpretation of quantum mechanics: that perhaps the waves of quantum mechanics are real and the particles, i.e. the quanta, are merely properties of atoms, the atoms which are responsible for ...
  • Holloway, Shaun
    A bunch of text that says something profound will soon appear in this document.
  • François, Kyle
    This thesis is a collection of personal essays centered around the Midwest. The essays circle both rural and cityscapes, while moving through the point of view of a narrator obsessed with postmodernity and all of its ...
  • Branca, Katherine
    This thesis is a collection of essays about dance and spirituality. They consider how dance may or may not be a form of spirituality, and what it means for a dancer to lose this connection to his or her “faith” through ...
  • 43.16 
    Boss, Christopher
    Clive Fischer-Kersey is an elite runner who qualifies for the Olympic Games in the 400m sprint. This novel explores the psychological and social pressures that contribute to the life of a world-class athlete.
  • Bolgiano, Anne Taylor
    This novel takes place in Washington, DC. It follows five housemates, all in their early twenties to early thirties and from slightly divergent backgrounds, as they try to make a path forward after the death of their ...
  • Ashby, Elizabeth
    Emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) are a significant threat to global security and human wellbeing. A majority of EIDs affecting humans are zoonotic, or originating from animals. Human risk of exposure to zoonotic pathogens ...
  • Aadahl, Sarah
    This thesis examines how gender norms are both subverted and reproduced in cosplay through subcultural boundaries and character displays and performance. The cosplay community is examined to understand how cosplay is a ...

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