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  • Stack, Amanda
    This thesis chronicles Amanda Stack’s experiences with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy, her maternal grandmother’s experiences with epilepsy, the relationship between epilepsy and eugenics, and what it truly means to inherit, ...
  • Batcheller, Sarah
    This is a novel about a mother and daughter who are each reconciling their dark pasts. When Marina’s sister, Gigi, arrives at Marina’s home for a surprise visit, Marina is confronted with the idea that their late, abusive ...
  • Dey, Douglass
    Cancer is a complex disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and invade body tissues, leading to eventual organ failure and death. These abnormal cells are able to grow and spread by evading recognition and ...
  • Guthrie, John
    This thesis is the beginning of a novel.
  • Gradience 
    Nagurny, Alayna
    In this thesis manuscript, I attempt to explore the self as a container through my representations of speaker and perception in order to showcase a desire to grow and change and reveal, a desire to enact these desires, ...
  • Rader, Benjamin
    This thesis fuses autobiography with fiction, which is known in the literary genres as Auto-fiction, Hyper-Realism, or Image-Fiction. It documents the heroin overdose of the author’s brother, aged 27, who fought in the ...
  • Kweun, Jeong Yun
    Road pricing, a fee related to using a road, is one of the main instruments used in transport regulation to manage both externalities such as congestion and revenue for infrastructure investment. As road pricing attracts ...
  • Molloy, Meadhbh
    The majority of wild ungulate species are threatened or endangered by extinction. Populations managed in zoos and breeding centers serve as ‘insurance’ for species sustainability and future reintroductions. However, ...

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