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  • McCabe, Stefan D
    Concurrent scheduling of agents presents a challenge for researchers who wish to develop scalable agent-based models (ABMs) without sacrificing intelligibility or fine control over model elements. In this thesis, I advance ...
  • Harder, Frank
    This thesis describes a collection of poems which engage with the concept of a traveler on a journey. The travel thus explored is as much or more internal than physical. Through the creation of personal signifiers, emblems, ...
  • Hantman, Michael
    This thesis is the first section of a three part novel. In this section Kevin, an undergraduate student whose past parodies the film Home Alone, is introduced. The text follows Kevin throughout a day in his life as he deals ...
  • Bolton, Allison N
    Electrical activity of neurons traditionally has been measured using electrophysiological methods. In this manner, numerous important concepts regarding relationships between activity dynamics in neuronal circuits and ...
  • Allen, Jeffrey
    This collection of poetry conceives of a biographer as an archiver or curator of the world around them. One who invests themselves in collecting, more often than not, humorous and tragic episodes, and characters. The ...

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