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  • Unknown author (2017-03-07)
    From surveying the literature, most chat transcript analysis for academic libraries has been based on sampling. This project departs from that approach. Three years of raw data (15,441 chat transcripts) from LibraryH3lp ...
  • Unknown author (2016-02-12)
    Although information seems but just a click away, when libraries embraced licensing as a means of acquisition, the choice had far reaching implications. The hard hit to academic library budgets is well documented, but the ...
  • Kuhn, Josef
    This thesis is a portion of a novel written in fulfilment of the graduation requirements for an M.F.A. in Creative Writing at George Mason University.
  • Hall, Nicolette C
    Caged Bird and Out of the Furnace Smelling Like Smoke is a cross genre fiction novel that begins in a hospital room with disturbing revelations recounted by one of the novel’s primary characters, Little Bird Wruck Giron. ...
  • McDonald, Ryan
    A memoristic essay collection that investigates the intangible aspects of economic and social life surrounding a different specific concrete thing, a commodity, each chapter. On an individual level, our pursuit of commodities ...
  • Sipos, Megan
    This thesis is a collection of fictional stories that intertwine through place and character. Through these stories, the author has attempted to analyze how we experience certain places and why we’re drawn to those ...
  • Ivy 
    Wright, Lillian Courtney
    This thesis is the scaffolding of a novel about two young women living in a fictionalized version of a town in southern Virginia. It is about friendship, family entanglements, and loyalty.
  • Ersoy, Meltem
    This dissertation proposes a new theoretical model to explain the causal processes of party transformation. Examining the processes of political transformation from the ideologically oriented Welfare Party (RP) into the ...

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