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  • Molloy, Meadhbh
    The majority of wild ungulate species are threatened or endangered by extinction. Populations managed in zoos and breeding centers serve as ‘insurance’ for species sustainability and future reintroductions. However, ...
  • // 
    Capobianco, Edward Jesse
    These poems are scripts for their own creation. They do not necessarily share a singular speaker or addressee, but together they create an I and a Thou that are sometimes explicit, sometimes implicit, and sometimes blurred ...
  • Calamas, Blake
    This thesis is a collection of short stories and flash fiction that investigates the themes and realities of grief, belief in God, generational belief systems, and subjective morality on the communal scale.
  • Brida, Kristen
    A portal pops up in a poet’s bedroom and transports her to the afterlife. There, she interviews and observes Eurydice, Helen of Troy, and Philomela in a quest to recontextualize these women in myth, providing them a space ...
  • Ashworth, Samuel
    My thesis is a novel about the life and death of an American chef, told through his autopsy. Entitled The Dissection, it is told in two narratives: the chef, August Sweeney, a Pantagruelian figure, mad for meat and offal, ...
  • Hoffman, Kimberly; Leak, Carl; Kunaparaju, Vamsi; Kan, Teresa; Cocks, Sarah (2018-08-20)
    During the 2016-2017 academic year, George Mason University Libraries' Science and Technology Team began a project with an end goal of capturing trends in faculty research by creating visual representations of faculty ...
  • Wheeler, Sarah
    This novel follows a small family of women at the outskirts of a town in Oregon. After their father, a big game hunter, goes missing in the Congo, sisters Isolde and Jules must keep their family afloat through any means ...
  • Unknown author (2014-03-18)
    Collection Development for academic libraries face many challenges in assessing use of electronic resources. Establishing a national measuring standard COUNTER, evolves as budgets are impacted by ever increasing costs. ...

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