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  • Unknown author (University Libraries, 2015-11-11)
    As we assist the university in reaching an impressive $500 million campaign goal in the next three years, the Libraries has identi ed key areas where philanthropic support can help us to transform and innovate the services, ...
  • Rinalducci, Jenna; Sheehan, Sarah; Irvin, Sarah (Fenwick Gallery, George Mason University Libraries, July 2015)
    From the ubiquitous red and white checks of Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book to the amazing photography found in Modernist Cuisine, cookbooks are so much more than a collection of recipes. Cookbooks provide insight ...
  • Gerber, Steve; Cockrell, Rianna; Irvin, Sarah (Fenwick Gallery, George Mason University Libraries, Sept 2015)
    Rarities and antiquarian prints held in Mason Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives include examples of musical iconography and similar graphic materials that illustrate aspects of music, dance, and theater history ...
  • Smith, Anne (Fenwick Gallery, George Mason University Libraries, May 2015)
    Fenwick Gallery is proud to exhibit The Sleep Series by Sarah Irvin, part of a larger project called A Bringing Forth. This series of more than 100 watercolors was produced by Irvin in intervals— that is, while her infant ...
  • Smith, Anne (Fenwick Gallery, George Mason University Libraries, Mar 2015)
    What do artists read? Certainly there are favorite books, audio recordings, and DVDs—ones that influenced an artist’s thinking, or that changed the course of an inquiry altogether. Although their practice is primarily a ...

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