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Do Interruptions Affect Writing and Reading?

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dc.contributor.advisor Boehm-Davis, Deborah A Foroughi, Cyrus Khan
dc.creator Foroughi, Cyrus Khan 2016-09-28T10:20:51Z 2016-09-28T10:20:51Z 2016
dc.description.abstract This thesis showcases a series of studies that investigated whether interruptions disrupt writing and reading. Although time- and error-based metrics have often been used to determine how interruptions disrupt performance, it is likely that they do not capture all aspects of disruption. Writing and reading are two such domains that may be better suited to the use of other metrics of quality. Here I show that interruptions reduce the quality of written work, reduce the number of words written while writing, disrupt reading comprehension, and disrupt recognition following reading for low working memory capacity individuals. This thesis demonstrates that metrics beyond time and errors can be used to understand the impact of interruptions on human performance.
dc.format.extent 27 pages
dc.language.iso en
dc.rights Copyright 2016 Cyrus Khan Foroughi
dc.subject Psychology en_US
dc.subject disrupt en_US
dc.subject interruptions en_US
dc.subject reading comprehension en_US
dc.subject writing en_US
dc.title Do Interruptions Affect Writing and Reading?
dc.type Dissertation Ph.D. Psychology, Human Factors/Applied Cognition Concentration George Mason University

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