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Coronal Holes and Solar f-Mode Wave Scattering Off Linear Boundaries

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dc.contributor.advisor Weigel, RobertPesnell, William D Hess Webber, Shea A.
dc.creator Hess Webber, Shea A. 2017-01-29T01:16:38Z 2017-01-29T01:16:38Z 2016
dc.description.abstract Coronal holes (CHs) are solar atmospheric features that have reduced emission in the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) spectrum due to decreased plasma density along open magnetic field lines. CHs are the source of the fast solar wind, can influence other solar activity, and track the solar cycle. Our interest in them deals with boundary detection near the solar surface. Detecting CH boundaries is important for estimating their size and tracking their evolution through time, as well as for comparing the physical properties within and outside of the feature.
dc.format.extent 234 pages
dc.language.iso en
dc.rights Copyright 2016 Shea A. Hess Webber
dc.subject Astrophysics en_US
dc.subject Physics en_US
dc.subject Coronal Holes en_US
dc.subject Solar Physics en_US
dc.subject Space Weather en_US
dc.subject Time-Distance Helioseismology en_US
dc.title Coronal Holes and Solar f-Mode Wave Scattering Off Linear Boundaries
dc.type Dissertation Ph.D. Computational Sciences and Informatics George Mason University

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