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Political Crisis and Party Transformation: The Case of AKP in Turkey

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dc.contributor.advisor Mandaville, Peter Ersoy, Meltem
dc.creator Ersoy, Meltem 2016-04-29 2018-08-09T17:48:58Z 2018-08-09T17:48:58Z
dc.description.abstract This dissertation proposes a new theoretical model to explain the causal processes of party transformation. Examining the processes of political transformation from the ideologically oriented Welfare Party (RP) into the catch-all Justice and Development Party (AKP), it demonstrates how the external shock of the February 28 military intervention altered the power dynamics amongst the two dormant factions of the RP. At this critical juncture, the reformists became the dominant coalition within the party, and an opportunity for a change in leadership emerged. With the support of the rising economic classes and civil society, this leadership transition generated suitable conditions for the foundation of the new party, the AKP.
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject Islamic political party en_US
dc.subject political crisis en_US
dc.subject transformation en_US
dc.subject Turkey en_US
dc.title Political Crisis and Party Transformation: The Case of AKP in Turkey en_US
dc.type Dissertation en_US Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science en_US Doctoral en_US Political Science en_US George Mason University en_US

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