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Microbiome Analysis in Colorectal Cancer

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dc.contributor.advisor Gillevet, Patrick M Dadkhah, Ezzat
dc.creator Dadkhah, Ezzat 2018-10-22T01:19:56Z 2018-10-22T01:19:56Z 2017
dc.description.abstract Colorectal cancer (CRC) results from a complex interplay between genes and the environment. Recent studies have focused on the gut microbial population (the microbiota) and its aggregate genome (the microbiome) as one of the environmental players in colorectal tumorigenesis. High-throughput sequencing techniques have added a new dimension to the mining of gut microbiome for biomarkers of CRC and therapeutic targets. Current approaches to microbiome analysis include quantifying the relative abundancies and diversities of microbial populations along with the identification of disease-specific biomarkers.
dc.format.extent 244 pages
dc.language.iso en
dc.rights Copyright 2017 Ezzat Dadkhah
dc.subject Biology en_US
dc.subject Bioinformatics en_US
dc.subject Classification en_US
dc.subject Colorectal cancer en_US
dc.subject Machine learning en_US
dc.subject Microbiome en_US
dc.subject OTU en_US
dc.subject Statistical tests en_US
dc.title Microbiome Analysis in Colorectal Cancer
dc.type Dissertation Ph.D. Biosciences George Mason University

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