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Testing Web Applications with Mutation Analysis

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dc.contributor.advisor Offutt, Jeff Praphamontripong, Upsorn
dc.creator Praphamontripong, Upsorn 2018-10-22T01:21:18Z 2018-10-22T01:21:18Z 2017
dc.description.abstract Web application software uses new technologies that have novel methods for integration and state maintenance that amount to new control flow mechanisms and new variables scoping. While modern web development technologies enhance the capabilities of web applications, they introduce challenges that current testing techniques do not adequately test for. Testing individual web software component in isolation cannot detect interaction faults, which occur in communication among web software components. Improperly implementing and testing the communications among web software components is a major source of faults.
dc.format.extent 194 pages
dc.language.iso en
dc.rights Copyright 2017 Upsorn Praphamontripong
dc.subject Information technology en_US
dc.subject Interaction faults en_US
dc.subject Mutation analysis en_US
dc.subject Software engineering en_US
dc.subject Software testing en_US
dc.subject Web application testing en_US
dc.subject Web mutation testing en_US
dc.title Testing Web Applications with Mutation Analysis
dc.type Dissertation Ph.D. Computer Science George Mason University

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