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Globalization and Inequality: Subnational Differentials within Nation States

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dc.creator Keating, Michael D. 2008-05-02 2008-05-08T13:50:09Z NO_RESTRICTION en 2008-05-08T13:50:09Z 2008-05-08T13:50:09Z
dc.description.abstract In this thesis I examine the nation state’s place in the formulation and understanding of global income inequality. The literature is very conflicted on the directional relationship between neoliberal economic globalization and income inequality. I theorize that current measurements of inequality, which use countries as “units” of measurement, are insufficient. A subnational analysis of inequality shows varied rises and falls in inequality across a national space. The varied directional impacts of neoliberal economic globalization on income inequality in this paper helps to shed light on why there is so much conflict in the literature. I further argue that future analyses of income inequality should move beyond the state as a unit of analysis so that the true impacts of decentralized economic policies, government programs, and the overall effects of globalization can be understood by states, policy makers, and nongovernmental organizations.
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.subject Inequality en_US
dc.subject Globalization en_US
dc.subject Neoliberal en_US
dc.subject Brazil en_US
dc.subject Mexico en_US
dc.subject South Africa en_US
dc.title Globalization and Inequality: Subnational Differentials within Nation States en
dc.type Thesis en Master of Arts in Political Science en Master's en Political Science en George Mason University en

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