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dc.contributor.advisor Mori, Kyoko Widmayer, Christine J.
dc.creator Widmayer, Christine J. 2013-05-01 2013-08-16T21:26:46Z 2013-08-16
dc.description.abstract Migrations explores the coming of age of a twenty-something woman by refracting her experiences through the lens of nature. Exploring how a close-knit family grows and shifts, this collection of personal essays helps the narrator understand her place in the world. By examining astronomical phenomena, storms and meteorology, the science of pain and empathy, migration patterns, folklore interpretations of animal behavior, among other natural concepts, the narrator makes sense of her emotional truths, charting her growth as she navigates her twenties and her family's changing landscape. This is a collection about family, about storytelling, and about the way the world around us mimics the cycles and patterns of human experience.
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.subject nonfiction en_US
dc.subject family en_US
dc.subject essays en_US
dc.subject coming of age en_US
dc.subject nature en_US
dc.subject memoir en_US
dc.title Migrations en_US
dc.type Thesis en
dc.description.note This work is embargoed by the author and will not be available until May, 2028. en_US Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing en_US Master's en Creative Writing en George Mason University en
dc.description.embargo 2028-05-02

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