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dc.contributor.advisor Pankey, Eric Cook, Amber L
dc.creator Cook, Amber L 2014-04-28 2014-10-07T15:44:08Z 2019-04-28T06:38:39Z 2014-10-07
dc.description.abstract The poems that appear in this thesis project explore the intersections between death, the body, the soul, and the physical landscape. By conflating these subjects upon one another, the speaker often speculates the about what is natural and unnatural in the dying and decaying process. The world constructed during these ruminations consists almost entirely of metaphors—a place where one thing always refers to something else. Partially eckphrastic, these poems also look at the artistic works of Sally Mann, Tsurisaki Kiyotaka, 20th and 21st doctors, and our own environment. Careful consideration is given to the punctuation within each poem and the form of the poem on the page.
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject Poetry en_US
dc.subject ecopoetics en_US
dc.subject Ekphrasis en_US
dc.subject death en_US
dc.subject nature en_US
dc.subject body en_US
dc.title Hypothesis en_US
dc.type Thesis en
dc.description.note This thesis has been embargoed for 5 years and will not be available until April 28, 2019. en_US Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing en_US Master's en Creative Writing en George Mason University en

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