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Life out Loud: Creating Stories from the Everyday

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dc.contributor.advisor Brkic, Courtney Ruff, Kimberly Ann
dc.creator Ruff, Kimberly Ann 2014-04-24 2014-10-08T18:33:02Z 2019-04-24T06:38:16Z 2014-10-08
dc.description.abstract No matter the scale of emotion, we share our experiences with each other to try to make sense of our lives. In sharing these stories, we discover that we are not alone in our experiences. This is evident the moment we turn the event that impacted us into a story that holds meaning, share it with others, and receive an affirmative response from the listener. But what are our individual motivations for sharing experiences, specifically the transformation of an event into an oral story? What motivates performance storytellers to get on a stage and share personal experiences that have transcended to something so lasting that they begin to peel it back like an onion, reflecting on the elements that surround the experience to reveal them at the core and then share them with a room filled with complete strangers?
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject storytelling en_US
dc.subject telling stories en_US
dc.subject page-to-stage en_US
dc.subject writing en_US
dc.subject creativity en_US
dc.subject performance storytelling en_US
dc.title Life out Loud: Creating Stories from the Everyday en_US
dc.type Thesis en
dc.description.note This thesis has been embargoed for 5 years and will not be available until April 24, 2019. en_US Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing en_US Master's en Creative Writing en George Mason University en

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