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Points at Rational Distance from the Vertices of a Square

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dc.contributor.advisor Morris, Walter D. Sadeq, Joseph G
dc.creator Sadeq, Joseph G 2015-04-24 2015-08-19T12:43:28Z 2015-08-19T12:43:28Z 2015-08-19
dc.description.abstract Guy asks if there exists a point in the plane at rational distance to the corners of the unit square. Also known as the four-distance problem, we establish the equivalence of the problem to the existence of nontrivial solutions to a particular Pythagorean triple, from which we derive known conditions and establish new results. We then provide a generalization given by Barbara of the four-distance problem to regular polygons of unit side, in which a negative answer is almost always obtained.
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject rational distance en_US
dc.subject diophantine equations en_US
dc.subject square en_US
dc.subject number theory en_US
dc.title Points at Rational Distance from the Vertices of a Square en_US
dc.type Thesis en Master of Science in Mathematics en_US Master's en Mathematics en George Mason University en

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