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PLASMA: Combining Predicate Logic and Probability for Information Fusion and Decision Support 3341
Predictors of 6-Month Mortality among Nursing Home Residents: Diagnoses May be More Predictive than Functional Disability 3129
Campus as Frontier: High Growth Student Startups at US Colleges and Universities 2054
Best practices for teaching mathematics to secondary students with special needs: Implications from teacher perceptions and a review of the literature 1757
Green grow the lilacs: play script 1448
Letter: J.N.G. Finley to Subscription Manager, The New York Times, July 26, 1962 1344
Putin's Foreign Policy Toward Syria 1289
Don Quixote: play script 1266
Paper: Paul Mbau, October 1980 1211
It can't happen here: play script 1166

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