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  • Hudson, Linwood D.; Ware, Bryan S.; Laskey, Kathryn B.; Mahoney, Suzanne M. (2005-11-18)
    Recent events underscore the need for effective tools for managing the risks posed by terrorists. Assessing the threat of terrorist attack requires combining information from multiple disparate sources, most of ...
  • Costa, Paulo C. G.; Laskey, Kathryn B.; AlGhamdi, Ghazi (2006-07-30)
    Ontologies have become ubiquitous in current-generation information systems. An ontology is an explicit, formal representation of the entities and relationships that can exist in a domain of application. Following a ...
  • Wright, Edward J.; Laskey, Kathryn B. (2006-07)
    This paper presents a technical approach for fusing information from diverse sources. Fusion requires appropriate weighting of information based on the quality of the source of the information. A credibility model ...
  • Laskey, Kathryn B. (2006-02-03)
    Uncertainty is a fundamental and irreducible aspect of our knowledge about the world. Probability is the most well-understood and widely applied logic for computational scientific reasoning under uncertainty. As theory and ...
  • AlGhamdi, Ghazi; Laskey, Kathryn B.; Wright, Edward J.; Barbará, Daniel; Chang, K.C. (2006-03-06)
    This paper tackles a key aspect of the information security problem: modeling the behavior of insider threats. The specific problem addressed by this paper is the identification of malicious insider behavior in trusted ...
  • Costa, Paulo C.G.; Laskey, Kathryn B. (IOS Press, 2006-11)
    Across a wide range of domains, there is an urgent need for a wellfounded approach to incorporating uncertain and incomplete knowledge into formal domain ontologies. Although this subject is receiving increasing ...

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