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Table: Department of Housing and Urban Development, "Basic Data on Selected New Community Proposals which were Never Approved, Key Dates and Final Disposition" Undated 70936
Conflict Resolution as a Political System 30492
A "Community of Values" in the CSCE/OSCE? 28189
PLASMA: Combining Predicate Logic and Probability for Information Fusion and Decision Support(legacy) 3605
Predictors of 6-Month Mortality among Nursing Home Residents: Diagnoses May be More Predictive than Functional Disability(legacy) 3137
Behind the Buildup: Explaining Chinese Motivations for Nuclear Modernization 3051
The Uses of Denominational History 3019
Campus as Frontier: High Growth Student Startups at US Colleges and Universities(legacy) 2411
Middle School Students with Emotional Disorders: Determined to Meet Their Needs Through Persuasive Writing 2274
Green grow the lilacs: play script 2214