Ground-based light curve follow-up validation observations on TESS object TOI-5237.01




Riotto, Allen

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George Mason University

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The goal of this observational study is to perform follow-up investigations on a potential exoplanet discovered by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), and validate if the findings by TESS are accurate. Potential exoplanet TOI-5237.01, discovered in 2022, is located 604 parsecs away from Earth, and our observational study attempts to confirm the existence of this exoplanet. This process would involve using George Mason University’s 0.8m telescope, ansvr, and AstroImageJ to create a seeing profile and light curve to determine if an exoplanet transit is occurring. If one is detected, follow-up observations and false-positive validation can occur to account for any potential error. Unfortunately, our findings lacked sufficient data to make any concrete claims, as not enough measurements were gathered during the predicted ingress and egress. It is interesting to note that a transit was detected, and even though insufficient results were obtained from this investigation, future investigations can be performed to discover the origin of the detection.