A Comparative Evaluation of Kits for Seminal Fluid Detection




Sperling, Anaya

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Seminal fluid detection kits are commonly used within the forensic science field to determine whether an unknown sample contains semen. The ability to correctly identify seminal fluid in any criminal cases involving bodily fluids is of the utmost importance. The ABACard p30 kit is most commonly used in forensic DNA laboratories to detect semen. This study “A Comparative Evaluation of Kits for Seminal Fluid Detection” will compare the ABACard p30, RSID - Semen, and SERATEC Semiquant PSA kit to the Bluestar Identi-PSA kit which is newer to the field. Bluestar, ABA, and SERATEC kits test for the presence of prostate specific antigen (PSA) which is the protein present in semen. On the other hand, RSID - Semen detection kit tests for semenogelin which is the protein that is found in ejaculated semen and is responsible for sperm immobilization in the seminal coagulum. To evaluate the specificity of these kits, breastmilk, saliva, and blood will also be tested in duplicate. Labor intensity, cost, and sensitivity will also all be compared between the four kits. Sensitivity will be evaluated by testing a series of dilutions of semen in duplicate from 1:10 to 1:100,000. It is expected that all four kits will be equally effective (creating true positives) in detecting semen, however, there will be differences in labor intensity and cost. It is also anticipated that a potential false positive with the breastmilk will happen since previous research has reported the detection of prostate specific antigen or semenogelin in breastmilk. The result of a positive test from breastmilk would pose the question of whether said kit would be deemed to be as reliable as stated. It is expected to conclude that between the four kits: Bluestar Identi-PSA, ABACard p30, RSID - Semen and SERATEC Semiquant PSA, each will yield different results when it comes to specificity and sensitivity.



seminal fluid, forensic DNA, kits