Ground-based Light Curve Follow-up Validation Observations of TESS Object of Interest TOI 3792.01




Ellis, Abigael

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George Mason University

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The goal of this study was to further confirm, characterize, and classify TESS Object of Interest (TOI) 3792.01. This was done by analyzing the stellar light curve of this object. We remotely obtained ground based data from the Observatory at George Mason University. The data was visualized using the software AstroImageJ. Although the data was skewed due to a fluctuating thin cloud cover and an 8 hour uncertainty period when observed by TESS, we found that by using less obscured reference stars and the WIDTH_T1 Detrending Parameter, we were able to find data clear enough to work with. However, this data still retained a scatter percentage (RMS) of 1.8%. While comparing the estimated light curve to the data collected, we found that the RMS dropped suddenly to 1.28% during an 8 hour period. However, this is obviously still imperfect. Therefore, the results for this study are inconclusive but suggestive. Though no direct conclusion can be reached at this time, more data should be collected to compare to the current data in order to confirm TOI 3792.01 as a transit.