Ground-based light curve follow-up validation observations of TESS object of interest TOI 3877.01




Pierson, Kevin

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George Mason University

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Context Exoplanets have been a fairly recent topic of interest in the field of astronomy, only having been discovered for a few decades. However, despite the youth of their discovery, they’ve been a crucial part of astronomical studies; especially those orbiting their parent star in the “Goldilocks Zone”. These Earth-like planets could potentially serve as future homes for humanity, which is why they’re a huge topic of interest. Aims The goal of this investigation is to study data regarding the star Tess Object of Interest (TOI) 3877 to confirm suspicions that it is an exoplanet transiting in front of its star that is responsible for the dimming of its light levels. Methods The app AstroImageJ will be used to study and interpret the data of TOI_3877 by taking multiple images captured during the night of observation, sorting them based on shutter settings and exposure length, aligning them, and finally by cutting out outside noise to gather the light levels taken over the period of exposure and making a light curve graph.