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A Geospatial Footprint Library for Validating Volunteered Geographic Information

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dc.contributor.advisor Rice, Matthew Aburizaiza, Ahmad
dc.creator Aburizaiza, Ahmad 2018-10-22T01:19:55Z 2018-10-22T01:19:55Z 2017
dc.description.abstract This research presents an innovative process of text-based Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) validation by programmatically constructing geoparsed geospatial footprints. Place names are collected in a detailed, locally-centered gazetteer of landmarks, street names, and building names at George Mason University Fairfax Campus and Fairfax City area. The implementation uses distinct algorithms of various geometric computational operations based on the number and the type(s) of place names found in the text-based VGI entry, and the geospatial orientation of the place names. There are more than fifteen types of geospatial footprints defined in this dissertation. These geospatial footprints can be utilized as a reference library for other geoscientists to append newly developed types and/or to enhance the existing ones. This research addresses the evolution of the algorithms implemented to create the geospatial footprints and the technologies used to build the geospatial footprint library, and their role in validating the position of VGI entries, which is a primary issue of concern for scientists and professionals that rely on geospatial data contributed by the public.
dc.format.extent 146 pages
dc.language.iso en
dc.rights Copyright 2017 Ahmad Aburizaiza
dc.subject Geographic information science and geodesy en_US
dc.subject Computer science en_US
dc.subject Gazetteers en_US
dc.subject Geoparsing en_US
dc.subject Geospatial footprints en_US
dc.subject Spatial footprints en_US
dc.subject VGI en_US
dc.subject Volunteered Geographic Information en_US
dc.title A Geospatial Footprint Library for Validating Volunteered Geographic Information
dc.type Dissertation Ph.D. Earth Systems and Geoinformation Sciences George Mason University

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