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  • Morant, Isabel (2023-09)
    El discurso sobre el amor en la literatura Ilustrada. La reivindicación de las pasiones y su relación con la felicidad., a través de la obra de Mme. du Châtelet ( 1706-1749) y de Mme. d' Èpinay ( 1726- 1783)
  • Anger 
    Boddice, Rob (2023-09)
    This lecture upturns a well known account of anger in the past and follows the implications of emotions history as a disruptive and revisionist undertaking. It focuses on the supposed rage of Achilles in the Iliad and shows ...
  • Garrido Otoya, Margarita (2023-09)
    Human societies have been moved by hope, as a political emotion, thereby leading social groups and communities to actively get involved in pursuing an objective or a concrete utopia. In Hispanic American Independencies, ...
  • Fear 
    Pickering, Michael (2023-09)
    This lecture provides a selective overview of recent scholarship on fear as it pertains to the history of emotions, and it suggests that a particularly fruitful way of conceptualising fear is to consider it instrumentally ...
  • Happiness 
    McMahon, Darrin (2023-09)
    Professor McMahon describes three major revolutions in the history of happiness.
  • Sosenski, Susana (2023-09)
    Historia de los miedos vinculados a la infancia: el secuestro infantil en México en el siglo XX
  • La Ira 
    Moscoso, Javier (2023-09)
    A discussion on the medical philosophy of passions and paeticularly on rage from 1750 to the end of the 19th century
  • Love 
    Rosenwein, Barbara (2023-09)
    Love is not one thing today, and it was never one thing in the past. In this short course I talk about different kinds of loves, related to and yet defined against one another and therefore often in conflict. Unlike most ...
  • Nostalgia 
    Garrocho Salcedo, Diego S. (2023-09)
    Panorámica histórica y filosófica de la experiencia nostálgica desde 1688 hasta nuestros días.
  • Matt, Susan (2023-09)
    This lecture examines how homesickness and nostalgia, once deadly emotions which were taken seriously, came in the 20th century to be seen as trivial, childish feelings that signaled immaturity and maladjustment. This ...
  • Shame 
    Stearns, Peter N. (2023-09)
    This talk begins with the complexities of defining shame, as both an individual and social emotion that is variously contested in many contemporary societies. It discusses the extensive reliance on shame of most if not all ...
  • Roselló Soberón, Estela (2023-09)
    Esta sesión busca hablar sobre la construcción histórica y cultural del sentimiento de vergüenza, así como de los significados que ésta ha tenido en diferentes momentos y circunstancias históricas. Habla, también, de las ...

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