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Browsing Volgenau School of Engineering by Author "Malek, Sam"

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  • Mahmood, Riyadh (2015)
    Mobile app markets have created a fundamental shift in the way software is delivered to the consumers. The benefits of this software supply model are plenty, including the ability to rapidly and effectively deploy, maintain, ...
  • Yuan, Eric (2016)
    Security is increasingly a principal concern that drives the design and construction of modern software systems. Since conventional software security approaches are often manually developed and statically deployed, they ...
  • Mirzaei Alvari, Nariman Mirzaei (2016)
    The rising popularity of Android and the GUI-driven nature of its apps have motivated the need for applicable automated testing techniques. This dissertation describes two automatic techniques for generating inputs for ...
  • Esfahani, Naeem (2014-08)
    The ever-growing complexity of software systems coupled with the need to maintain their quality of service (QoS) characteristics, even under adverse conditions and highly uncertain environments, have instigated the emergence ...
  • Cooray, Deshan (2010-11-02)
    Situated software systems are an emerging class of systems that are predominantly pervasive, embedded, and mobile. They are marked with a high degree of unpredictability and dynamism in the execution context. At the same ...

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