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Broadus Bailey French Revolution Print Collection

Broadus Bailey French Revolution Print Collection


Print engravings of the French Revolution by Pierre-Gabriel Berthault (1737-1831). Berthault created the engravings from drawings by Jean-Louis Prieur (1759-1795). These images begin with the Estates General meeting before the Revolution officially begins and continues through until just after King Louis XVI is executed. Many of the prints illustrate pillaging, massacres, fighting, and important events in the Revolution, such as the taking of the Bastille, Louis moving his family to the Tuileries Palace, Louis XVI's flight to Varennes, and the execution of the King. Many of the key figures of the Revolution to this time can be found in several of the images, including Jacques Necker, King Louis XVI, Lafayette, Mirabeau, Marquis de Favras, and the Marquis de Launey. Some of the 82 prints appear to have been created by an artist other than Berthault, or perhaps appeared in a publication other than "Tableaux Historiques". The images measure approximately 18x24cm to 18x26cm.

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