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  • Grotophorst, Clyde (2014-01-09)
    These are the slides of a presentation delivered to the University Academic Council during January, 2014. The purpose of the presentation was to explain the library's vision and rationale for the Mason Publishing Program ...
  • Grotophorst, Clyde (2014-12-04)
    A presentation delivered to public services staff, demonstrating how a premium subscription to JTOCs enhances our ability to provide current-awareness services to researchers.
  • Serene, Joseph; Schatz, Robert; Cohen, Dan; Al-Ubaydli, Omar (2012-01-11)
    Dr. Joseph Serene, Treasurer/Publisher for the American Physical Society, discusses the first year of the society's launch into open access publishing, offered to authors as an alternative to the traditional model. BioMed ...
  • Grotophorst, Clyde (2011-06-03)
    Something of a “strategic update” on discovery systems. Covers the reasons why we need improved discovery tools. After examining some of the newer discovery solutions in more detail--thinking about their pluses and ...
  • Lynch, Clifford; Scheinfeldt, Tom; Seto, Donald; van Hoek, Monique; Maibach, Edward (2010-10-20)
    Open Access Publishing: A Panel Discussion”, October 20, 1:30pm, Edwin Meese Room, Mason Hall. Mason Faculty members Professor Edward Maibach, Communication; Professor Tom Scheinfeldt, History; Professor Donald Seto, ...
  • Grotophorst, Clyde (2010-08-17)
  • Unknown author (2010-06-11)
    Complete extract of MARC and MFHD records from Voyager server at George Mason University. Extract conducted June 9, 2010.
  • Grotophorst, Clyde (2010-05-26)
    Tips on preparing a visually interesting presentation. These slides accompanied remarks given at a staff development seminar during January 2009.
  • Salo, Dorothea (2006-12-04)
  • Grotophorst, Wally (2005-05-11)
    Presentation given at the ITU "all staff" meeting on May 13, 2005. Provides an overview of the MARS project, focusing on the open access and digital archiving functions of the system.
  • Grotophorst, Clyde (2005-03-17)
    Keynote presentation that was delivered at George Washington University. A quicktime version of this presentation was placed on the lockss.org website as well.
  • Grotophorst, Clyde (2004-12-08)
    Presentation given to Presidential Task Force on Libraries on December 8, 2004. Covers current state of IT in Mason's libraries, a look at milestones, and future trends. Includes a comparative look at federated searching ...