An Investigation of Individual Flow State Experience and Satisfaction: The Case of Scenario Paintball

dc.contributor.advisorRodgers, R. Pierre
dc.contributor.authorGoldbecker, Christopher F. S.
dc.creatorGoldbecker, Christopher F. S.
dc.description.abstractThis research was undertaken to examine flow as a motivational concept in scenario paintball. Flow theory, as presented by Csikszentmihalyi (1990), is a psychological state of mind and focus found in optimally performing individuals in sports and other activities. Flow comprises nine different dimensions resulting in an optimal experience; these include: challenge-skill balance, action-awareness merging, clear goals, unambiguous feedback, concentration on the task at hand, sense of control, loss of self-consciousness, transformation of time, and autotelic experience. Using the Flow State Scale the dimensions of flow were measured in participating scenario paintball players, as were behavior and demographic characteristics (e.g., players’ years of experience, team affiliation, satisfaction, and social interactions). The difference among respondents on the basis of demographic characteristics was found to be minimal in terms of flow with the exception of the dimension of having clear goals. The researcher found that respondents who played on scenario teams scored significantly higher in the clear goals dimension of flow. The researcher was able to identify significant correlations between flow and satisfaction. The satisfaction of individual play, and with paintball venues, field set-up, level of performance by one’s team, and the game’s level of challenge were significantly correlated to flow scores. All participants scored high levels of flow and satisfaction with no differences on the basis of experience or team affiliation. Given the high and consistent rates of flow reported by respondents, it is understood that scenario paintball is a gripping and visceral activity that offers flow aspects to all ages and skill sets and ultimately impacts the satisfaction level of players.
dc.subjectScenario paintball
dc.subjectFlow state scale
dc.subjectDimensions of flow
dc.titleAn Investigation of Individual Flow State Experience and Satisfaction: The Case of Scenario Paintball
dc.typeThesis and Recreation Studies Mason University's of Science in Sport and Recreation Studies


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