An Evaluation of a Resource Training Guide for After-School Programming in the Middle School Setting



Pritchett, Janice Sherri

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The intent of this project was to evaluate the quality of a resource training guide for personnel delivering after-school programming in the middle school setting in a public school district located in Northern Virginia. A content analysis of the school district’s resource training guide for after-school programming was conducted to determine the level of quality. The analysis was based on an adapted version of the “Quality Triangle” developed by the Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital’s Program in Education, After-School, and Resiliency (Noam, 2008). The overall finding of this project suggests that the school district has an opportunity to further advance the quality of its resource training guide in support of providing after-school personnel with a tool to ensure quality in after-school programming in the middle school setting. These findings were evidenced by several emergent themes, including administrative infrastructure, curricular framework, developmental areas, human resources, and program strategies. The results of this project will help to advance knowledge of after-school programming and enhance training of competent and engaged personnel, as well as ultimately help to further adolescent development in the middle school setting.



After-school, Programming, Middle school, Training guide, Evaluation, Adolescent