Dialectic in Plato’s Parmenides




Narod, Patrick

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This study will explore the role of dialectic in the dramatic portrayal of philosophy presented in Plato’s dialogue the Parmenides. Dialectic, an important concept in many of Plato’s dialogues, is not clearly defined and it is difficult to determine exactly what Plato means when he uses the term. Understanding what “dialectic” means in the Parmenides is therefore important for an understanding of the philosophical views expressed in that dialogue. In the Parmenides, discussion of dialectic arises in connection with philosophical knowledge which, for Plato’s character Socrates in that and many dialogues, has to do with eide, ideai (ideas). Due to the connection we find between knowledge of ideas and dialectic, in this study we will try to see how and if dialectic can lead to knowledge of ideas and what role it plays in the conception of philosophy portrayed in the Parmenides.



Philosophy, Dialectic, Parmenides, Plato, Ideas, Ancient philosophy