Zuckerman, Sarah

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Fingertip to fingertip, I stretch my arms to their fullest extension, this length, this beginning to an embrace, is a fathom. A fathom measures depth as a line cast into the sea slips through the stratum below. It is enveloped by darkness as it sinks to the ocean floor. Beyond a six fathom drop everything is lost. ix The response of the line to the touch of my fingers, the response of my fingers to the resiliency of the line. Copper curves form Intuitive configurations. Particles catch in these arcing lines of ebbing corporeal mass. Remnants accumulate amidst the ritual of tides. Vestiges of light shift quickly, I trace their forms. Elemental atrophy releases echoes held in the recesses of copper residue. Lengsel is the length of longing. The reach to something that cannot be grasped. Something beyond the sixth fathom.



Fathoms, Papermaking, Printmaking, Motion, Measurement, Memory