Financial Impact of Lockdown on Big Business Versus Small Business based on Data Analytics




Chekuri, Rohit Varma
Wilkinson, Brady
Xuan, Bach Le

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Though everyone was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in their own ways, some suffered harder financial loss than others. Smaller-sized businesses that once thrived from crowds of people faced a sudden disappearance in those same people that kept the business financially alive. With little other resources to keep afloat, many small businesses faced heavy losses. Big businesses also faced difficulty, some industries more than others. While airports were empty and airline companies like United and JetBlue faced heavy losses, companies like Amazon or Google seemingly thrived. The different financial impacts that big and small businesses endured will be analyzed in this paper. The material will be presented in several steps. First the topic will be introduced, followed by an analysis of related work. Next, the problem is defined, followed by outlining the scope and analysis techniques. Analysis follows the analysis techniques description, with work to do and conclusion sections following.



Machine learning, Finance, COVID-19