A Complementary Pair: Analyzing the Inclusion of Drum Set and Multiple Percussion Within University Percussion Curricula



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While universities may include both drum set and multiple percussion setups as part of a student’s private instruction, it is sometimes challenging to develop curricula that address both areas as equal in a complete education. As well, there is an implied divide between both sides of percussion: wherever emphasis is placed according to the professor’s philosophy, the student is more likely to specialize in that field over the other choice. Yet, as more job positions exist that demand equal skills in both areas, one may consider a curriculum that prepares a student as well-rounded in both and does not leave one side of percussion totally abandoned. The purpose of this dissertation is to address the divide and seek practical solutions to bring together these areas of percussion: namely, classical multiple percussion and drum set and its affiliated styles, often in university percussion studies. Addressing critical pedagogy of both sides separately will lead to a current assessment of this integration in select public 4-year colleges and universities, and personal interviews with professors of percussion may lend useful thought for implementing these methods for their students.