Cervical Cancer Screening Behavior among Nepalese Women




Satyal, Kalpana Subedi

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Even-though Nepal has the highest age-standardized incidence and mortality rates of cervical cancer (CC) in the world, no universal coverage is available for cervical cancer screening (CCS) despite its known effectiveness in preventing and detecting CC. Although availability, accessibility, affordability and awareness are identified in literature as common barriers for women to undergo CCS in low-resource countries, there are new programs emerging in Nepal that provide services eliminating these barriers. Even then, the utilization of these services are reported to be sub-optimal. Sub-optimal utilization of CCS when the services are available, accessible and free indicate the need for further examination of the belief factors associated with CCS behavior, especially considering the major crisis of CC and low resources to provide CCS in Nepal.



Nursing, Cervical Cancer and Nepal, Cervical Cancer Prevention, Cervical Cancer screening, Health Belief Model, Low-resource countries and cervical cancer screening, Screening Behavior