School mobility and students with emotional disturbance




Malmgren, Kimber W.
Gagnon, Joseph Calvin

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Journal of Child and Family Studies


This descriptive study examines the school mobility of a cross-sectional sample of 70 secondary age youth with Emotional Disturbance (ED). Data were collected through an archival review of school records. Students’ school mobility histories were examined in terms of the overall number of schools attended in the elementary school years, as well as the timing of the moves that were made. Findings indicate that sample students experienced high rates of school mobility with 66% having changed schools at least once by the end of 2nd grade and 89% having changed schools at least once by the end of 5th grade. Strategies for minimizing school mobility, and the impact of high rates of school mobility, are reviewed.



Emotional disturbance, Juvenile corrections, Child welfare, School mobility, Risk factors


Malmgren & Gagnon, 2005