Does the Current Environment for Inmates Assist the U.S. in Effectively Controlling Terrorist Recruits within Prison?



Zimmerman, Ronald

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This thesis analyzes the prison environment and the potential for terrorist inmates to recruit fellow inmates. While incarcerated, inmates often face distortion and feel the need to belong. Terrorist prisoners sometimes captilize on these feelings to further their beliefs. If the prison environment creates an environment where feelings of isolation abound, terrorists will be able to complete their mission succesffully. If the prison environment provides a feeling of accomplishment and a method for inmates to contribute to their families, that need of belonging is not, or is at least less, present. The prison environment can contribute to the ease in which a terrorist recruits. Although this occurs in the U.S., it is not a strictly American problem. For example, the Israeli and European prison systems, altthough different from each other, experience similar pheonmena. As such, radicalization methods and successes occur in various ways in various prison systems worldwide.



Terrorist, Recruit, Prisons, Radicalization