Machine learning Models for Quality of Children’s Lives




Teh, Bloti
Kittisupakorn, Srisuda

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Electoral system design is a key component of a democratic regime. The design of an electoral system may increase the driving force of political change. If the electoral system does not go well, it will lead to a deterioration of democracy or political stability. Gerrymandering is the one factor of unfair political advantage of the electoral system. This is not a new problem in the United States. Due to irregularity of legislative district shapes for election, majority of Americans are concerned about unfairness of political polarization affecting their quality of life especially in Texas where the high rank state of gerrymandering problem in the United States is. As the results, gerrymandering in Texas affects quality of life in terms of material welfare (according to GNP), health and political stability and safety.



Machine learning, Children, Gerrymandering