The Impact of Black Lives Matter on Black College Students



Harvey, Emily

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This thesis analyzes the impact the social movement Black Lives Matter has had on Black college students who attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) verses Black college students who attend Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs). HBCUs differ from PWIs primarily due to the racial context through which HBCUs were established. While social movements have played an important role in the history and experiences of students at each type of university, there is not much literature on the differential impact social movements have had on the experiences of Black students who attend them. My primary research question addresses this gap by asking: How do recent social movements, particularly Black Lives Matter affect the experiences of Black students who attend an HBCU versus a PWI, and specifically those who attend the HBCU Morgan State University and the PWI Johns Hopkins University? This research also sought to look into the different ways the social movement has impacted the everyday lives of the students attending these universities.



College students, Race, Social movements, Anthropology