The Power of Memory through Object-Metaphors: The Works of Gabrielle Roy




Canning, Jennifer M

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This thesis examines the theme of object-metaphors in the works of Gabrielle Roy, specifically how Roy uses these object-metaphors to trigger the memories of the characters in the texts: Bonheur d’occasion, Rue Deschambault, and La Route d’Altamont. Memory is a recurring and important theme in Roy’s works, and throughout the texts, the memories of the characters are stimulated by objects found in daily life. In this thesis, the objects have been classified into the categories of clothing, food, and domestic objects. Upon encountering these objects, both positive and negative memories for the characters Jean Lévesque, Florentine and Rose-Anna Lacasse and Christine are generated. Using primary critics of Gabrielle Roy and drawing on psychoanalytic and memory-based studies, this thesis demonstrates that exposure to these object-metaphors directly impacts the characters’ memories as well as their actions.



Gabrielle Roy, Object-metaphors, Memory, Metaphor, Quebecoise literature, Subjective memory