Transport Properties of 3D And 2D Disordered Electronic Materials




Nath, Anindya

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In the real world, the crystalline states are exceptions rather than the rule. Disorder exists in varying forms and degrees, ranging from a few impurities or voids in otherwise perfect crystals to the strongly disordered amorphous materials and alloys. Due to the lack of periodicity and translational symmetry of disordered materials, one might expect that the universal features of crystalline materials would disappear as well. Yet the possibility of corresponding universal features in the electronic structure of disordered materials which are different from perfect crystals, made the study of the disordered material is one of the most intriguing topics in solid-state physics. This doctoral dissertation addresses application oriented challenges and some of the related basic science questions about transport properties of two such disordered materials of different dimensionality. Ion-implanted Silicon Carbide (SiC) near degeneracy is studied as an example of a three dimensional (3D) disordered material. Epitaxial gaphene grown on SiC and systematically damaged by the introduction of low temperature plasma is studied an example of two dimensional (2D) disordered material.



Disorder electronic materials, Graphene, Silicon Carbide, Transport