Sport Development in the Caribbean: A Case Study of the Volleyball Movement within Barbados




Norton, Joseph

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Youth sport has risen as an area of interest to many researchers over recent years. A large portion of the attention regarding the development of youth sport has focused on products, outcomes, and results, of youth sport programs. Meanwhile, a lack of academic resources exist regarding the methodology of successful youth sport development programs. The purpose of this project and case study was to experience and explore the organizational structure and processes of volleyball as a sport institution in Barbados, and the potential for sport (volleyball) diffusion. Because cricket demands so much attention both in the overall sporting culture and within Barbadian popular culture, most other sports, with the exception of netball, receive little to no developmental assistance. As a participant observer, I collected and analyzed data related to the current operations of the Volleyball Development Branch of the Barbados Olympic Association. Overall, this research suggests the volleyball movement within Barbados is growing, yet still lacks the primary resources on which other countries rely for success. This study highlights current operations and efforts to increase visibility of and involvement in volleyball, as well as recommendations for further development of coaching, facilities, and policy.



Youth sport development, Sport diffusion, Volleyball, Barbados