Film: Moving out of Bailey's Crossroads [August 27-28, 1964]




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Classes began at the new University College in 1957 in a temporary building while a permanent site was being chosen. To satisfy this immediate need, an offer was made by the Fairfax County Schools to lease a recently-abandoned elementary school located on the south side of Columbia Pike, near Lake Barcroft. The owner of the building, Fairfax County Public Schools, agreed to lease the building to UVa for six-hundred dollars per year. The Bailey’s Crossroads School, located at 5836 Columbia Pike, was built in 1922 and had eight classrooms. Though it had fallen into disrepair after thirty-four years, the building was serviceable and affordable. Description: Film portraying the moving out of George Mason College from the original building at Bailey's Crossroads. Initial scene shows the nearly completed Fairfax Campus.


MPEG-4 video (Mp4), h.264 derived from 16 mm film (original source). Total run time is 3 min. 58 sec.


George Mason College, Bailey's Crossroads Campus