Long-Term English Learners' Perceptions of Academic Challenges




Eqab, Sarah

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Long term English Learners (LTELs) at the high school level face many academic challenges. Some researchers attribute LTELs’ academic difficulties to a gap in academic literacy; although it is likely there are other contributing factors to why so many of these students are struggling. Based on both Critical Race and Sociocultural theoretical frameworks, I sought to gain further insight into the difficulties these students face in school through providing opportunities for LTELs’ voices to be heard. Through a qualitative approach of counter-storytelling, I explored the perceptions of why these students feel they struggle in school. I suggest that including student narratives on this topic will shed light on additional factors that are contributing to these students’ academic challenges and will further inform research in this field as well as encourage much-needed discussions on various means of providing additional support for these students.



English as a Second Language (ESL)