Economic Implications Of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict On Egypt. Case Study: Aid And Cross-Border Trade



Skobilov, Dmitry

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This research studies one of the most complicated conflicts in the world – the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The protracted conflict has brought lots of suffering for both communities and the region as a whole. Such conflicts have a lot of effects not only on neighboring countries, but on the rest of the world as well. The dissertation focuses on Egypt and relation of its economy to the conflict. The study tries to present an in-depth review of major events which happened during the conflict and their relation to economic factors. It observes a transition from war mentality to friendly economic and social ties. Economic relations in the Middle East region are based on many aspects, and the conflict and its consequences play a huge role in their strengthening or weakening. Because Egypt was directly involved in the war, it tries to preserve its relations with both sides on an equal scale. The country plays a huge role in peacemaking efforts; it is a key mediator between the parties. The research will present a case study of American aid and cross-border trade in the Gaza Strip. This dissertation produced several research outcomes through an extensive study of relevant literature and further analysis. Also, a number of key findings, which include different aspects of relations among the two sides of the conflict, Egypt, the rest of the region and major international players were produced. These relations include a variety of important agreements which strengthened the relations among the key players. The research also draws attention to the need of resolution of the conflict, as it already touched many families, communities, and countries.



Conflict, Israel and Palestine, Economy of Egypt, Resolution, Economic effects, Foreign policy