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This is an archive of Institutional Review Blog (, a blog that seeks to inform the debate over IRB review of research in the humanities and social sciences by collecting breaking news, commentary, and background information on the subject. Institutional Review Blog is maintained by Zachary M. Schrag, Professor of History, George Mason University. The first file includes all text of the blog from its founding in December 2006 through 28 August 2012. The second file begins with the next entry, 31 August 2012, and continues through the end of January 2017. That end point was chosen to include the blog's coverage of the revised U.S. regulations on human subjects research, published in the Federal Register on 19 January 2017.



Institutional Review Board, Humanities, Social Sciences


Please use this model to cite individual blog posts: Zachary M. Schrag, "Smithsonian Frees Oral History, Journalism, and Folklore," Institutional Review Blog, 30 July 2010,