You v. The World



Tubbs, Juniper Noelle

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This thesis explores themes of mental health and identity through two key lenses: the internal, through subverted monster/creature tropes, and the external, with end of the world themed Americana. Both of these lenses seek to explore the subject matter in different ways. The internal hopes to justify the nuance of social behavior and anxiety as reflected upon oneself, and the external strives to rationalize the weight of situations that are beyond our control. The stories included vary in length, perspective, but are primarily told in a semi-absurd literary style – grounding the work in reality but infusing them with things that are impossible in the real world. The form also varies story to story, utilizing narrative styles that seek to break the norm of traditional perspective, and infuse each individual piece with a life all its own.


This thesis has been embargoed for 10 years. It will not be available until May 2030 at the earliest.


Mental health, Monster, End of the world, Short stories