Republic: Reviving Popular Politics, Provisional Research Journal, A Provisions Library Journal, Volume 1, Issue 2




Sherman, Stephanie
Russell, Don

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Provisions Library


During the final month of the 2012 US election cycle, Provisions Library assembled four artist-researchers in the capital to consider deliberative democracy, electoral politics, public transparency, and popular citizenship through creative research projects. Provisions Research Fellows reacted to the conditions of the election and the tenor of the times through projects that reflected on the architecture, geography, and politics of the District, using the city as a platform and stage for reflecting upon founding principles and possible revisions to the ideas of governance that inform our political context.


Provisional Research is a digital journal publishing the findings of Provisions research projects and residencies. Provisional Research seeks to provide free and accessible public information on creative projects, sharing strategies and practices for social change with an ever-expanding readership.


Democracy, Elections, Washington DC, 2012 election, Barak Obama, Mitt Romney, National elections, Voting, Art and research, DC Boundary Stones, District of Columbia, National mall, US Constitution, Electoral, Visual art, Policies, Socially engaged art, Social practice, Social change