A Feminist Critique of Continuing Coaching and Administrative Inequalities after Title IX Implementation




Rothenberg, Eryn Elizabeth

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This thesis describes how Title IX has contributed to the progress in women’s sports and female participation numbers at all levels since its implementation in 1972. However, while the law has contributed to increased participation on the playing field, Title IX has not generated similar opportunities for women in coaching and upper level administrative positions in sport. The areas that are examined in this thesis are women’s experiences in coaching and athletic administration, and the policies that shape the opportunities available to them. A detailed analysis was conducted pertaining to the case of Stanley v. The University of Southern California with the intention of identifying barriers that women face when working in the sport industry. Finally, based on the surveyed literature, as well as this case study, suggestions are offered for improving opportunities for women both on and off the playing field.



Feminist critique, Coaching, Administrative inequalities, Title IX implementation