Zen and the Art of Metadata Maintenance




Warren, John W.

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Journal of Electronic Publishing


Metadata is the lifeblood of publishing in the digital age and the key to discovery. Metadata is a continuum of standards and a process of information flow; creating and disseminating metadata involves both art and science. This article examines publishing-industry best practices for metadata construction and management, process improvement steps, practical applications for publishers and authors such as keywords, metadata challenges concerning e-books, and the frontiers of the expanding metadata universe. Metadata permeates and enables all aspects of publishing, from information creation and production to marketing and dissemination. It is essential for publishers, authors, and all others involved in the publishing industry to understand the metadata ecosystem in order to maximize the resources that contribute to a title's presence, popularity, and sale-ability. Metadata and the associated processes to use it are evolving, becoming more interconnected and social, enabling linkages between a broad network of objects and resources.



Data management, Content, Information, Process improvement, Social metadata


Warren, John. "Zen and the Art of Metadata Maintenance." Journal of Electronic Publishing 18, no. 3 (2015). doi:10.3998/3336451.0018.305