Proactive infrastructure security: Evolutionary generation of terrorist scenarios




Arciszewski, Tomasz
De Jong, Kenneth A.
Sage, Andrew
Goode, Mike
Kicinger, Rafal P.
Skolicki, Zbigniew

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George Mason University Press


The objectives of this working paper are to propose a general concept of proactive security in the context of co-evolutionary computation and to briefly discuss the initial results of research recently began. First, the paper provides an overview of infrastructure security in the context of asymmetric threats. Next, concepts of proactive security are proposed based on co-evolution of terrorist scenarios and security plans. The paper also presents an outline of generation of terrorist scenarios in the context of conceptual design. Finally, it describes TerrorMax/Capitol Hill, a demonstration system being developed for dealing with the generation of terrorist scenarios related to the Capitol Hill in Washington DC. The paper also provides initial discussions of this recently initiated project.




Arciszewski, T., De Jong, K. A., Sage, A., Goode, M., Kicinger, R., and Skolicki, Z. (2003). "Proactive infrastructure security: Evolutionary generation of terrorist scenarios." Proceedings of the Workshop on the Critical Infrastructure Protection Project, Airlie Center, Warrenton, VA, August, 2003, A. Woodcock and K. Thomas, eds., George Mason University Press, Fairfax, VA, 378-391.