An Exploration of Virginia Law on Recognition, University Officials, and Perceptions of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme




Daly, Kimberley

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This study investigated how university officials at five public universities in the Commonwealth of Virginia responded in the aftermath of a law concerning credit policies for International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. Mandated by the Code of Virginia § 23-9.2:3.8, this policy is unique in the area of AP and IB recognition in the United States and required public colleges and universities to complete four steps by May 31, 2011. These included setting comparable credit recognition policies for both AP and IB examinations, providing credit for both IB standard and higher level examinations, identifying the requirements students met by successfully completing the IB Diploma, and reporting policies to the State Council for Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) and publishing those policies on university websites. Interviews, artifact analysis, and website reviews were used to produce policy case studies of five Virginia universities’ compliance with the law. In addition to documenting policy compliance, additional goals of the study included understanding university officials’ attitudes concerning the law, IB student readiness for college-level course work, and general perceptions of the IBDP and IB students.



International baccalaureate, Advanced placement, College credit, Educational policy, Virginia, Universities