An Insurgency Within: Organizational Dissent and Change in the US Military




Haring, Ellen Lois

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This study documents, analyzes and assesses the internal conflict that developed when personnel policies and practices concerning the employment and assignment of servicewomen were out of sync in the U.S. military and the subsequent efforts to realign policy with practice. Specifically, this study examines why some servicewomen ultimately dissented and challenged the policy that prohibited their assignment to the ground combat units of the U.S. military. Conversely, it examines the ensuing resistance to changing existing policies to allow women to serve in combat units that existed across the institutional spectrum. Looking at this conflict holistically it highlights inherent tensions and shortcomings in theories of conflict analysis and practical methods for resolution. Finally, it considers the role that organizational change models may contribute to conflict resolution practices and the potential shortcomings of those models.



Military studies, Organizational behavior, Women's studies, Conflict Analysis, Military, Organizational Change, Service Women, Women in Combat, Women's Integration