Estimation of the Population Sizes of Neuronal Types of the Hippocampome Knowledge Base in the Dentate Gyrus




Mackesey, Sean

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The Hippocampome is a new knowledge base of neuron types in the rodent hippocampus that aims to compile and collate the mass of published information regarding the cellular constituency of this structure. The foundation of the Hippocampome is a set of morphologically distinct neuron types, defined by the presence of axons and dendrites within specific anatomical compartments of the hippocampal formation. Primary aims of the Hippocampome include the creation of a standard classification scheme for hippocampal neurons and the establishment of a central repository for knowledge about the properties of these neurons. The present project attempts to derive the population size estimates for the 18 Hippocampome neuron types with somata in the dentate gyrus, one of the hippocampal formation’s major constituents. Data from morphological and stereological studies was taken from the literature and represented as a system of equations constraining the population sizes of the dentate gyrus neuron types. A simulated annealing algorithm was used to optimize the system and thereby provide estimates for the population sizes. It is hoped that this work serve as a pilot for future, larger scale attempts to derive population estimates for all Hippocampome types.



Hippocampus, Neuroinformatics, Dentate gyrus, Neuroscience, Optimization